Beechcraft V35B Bonanza


  • Model Year 1972
  • Top speed at sea level 210 MPH
  • Maximum recommended cruise power  (214 HP)
  • Cruise speed at 75% power at 6500 feet (optimum altitude) full throttle, 2500 RPM 203 MPH
  • Standard fuel capacity 50 gallons
  • Maximum range (at 163 MPH at 10,000 feet) with standard tanks 600 miles, with extended range tanks (80 gallons total) 1110 miles (Ranges include allowance for warm-up, taxi, takeoff, climb, and a 45-minute reserve at 45% power.)
  • Gross weight 3400 pounds
  • Empty weight (includes standard avionics) 1985 pounds
  • Useful load 1415 pounds
  • Stall speed (landing, full flaps) 63 MPH
  • Rate of climb at sea level 1136 feet per minute
  • Service ceiling 17,500 feet
  • Airspeed limits Maneuvering 152 MPH
  • Maximum structural cruising 190 MPH
  • Never exceed 225 MPH
  • Flaps extended (normal) 140 MPH
  • Landing gear extended (normal) 175 MPH
  • Fuel 100/130 octane minimum

The model designation didn’t change from the previous model, but nevertheless, the 1972 edition of the V35B is considered a model change. The interior underwent a major redesign which was so extensive that many structural changes had to be made in the cabin particularly the roof to accommodate the all new interior. The 1972 V35B Bonanza features a more durable interior with an improved overhead ventilation system and more head room. Cabin chairs and the instrument panel were also restyled. It can also be distinguished from earlier V35Bs by its new paint design. Empty weight is up slightly over that of the 1971 V35B, otherwise performance is unchanged.

Serials of 1972 V35B production start with D-9287. The price was initially $41,600.

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