Customer Testimonials






Darryl,                                  November 2016
After I sold my Baron four years ago, I was ready to step back into owning an airplane again. This time, I wanted an A-36 Bonanza. I begin researching what was “for sale” out there but quite frankly was quite overwhelmed. Not only what was for sale, but the options, upgrades, and price differences made selection very difficult for me.
I stumbled across your website and it was your customer reviews that sold me. I called, and you chatted with me for a good 30 minutes about “why an A-36.”  We discussed budget and needs and soon determined an F-33 would be a better fit for me. 
Not only did you find the right F-33 at the right price, you helped me fly it 8 hours from Arizona to Florida. You opened up your home for a great nights sleep and even cooked breakfast the next morning.
You introduced me to your team of mechanics, helped set up shop appointments, and have provided NON-STOP advice and information while I am breaking the new motor. 
I highly recommend you to any one who is considering buying (or selling) an airplane. Your are forthright, honest, and VERY easy to work with in every aspect of acquiring an airplane.
Thanks again for your advice and assistance. It is valued and VERY much appreciated!
You and Sandy are welcome in my home anytime!!
Blue Skies and Tailwinds,
Jeff Espenship



Jay N1832B






My experience is different from many of your customers, because in my case you represented the seller of the A36 that I bought from you. N1832B is an aircraft that you had located and that you had flown its owner for several years before he decided to move up to a larger plane.

I have owned several airplanes in my decades of flying, and I searched the internet for several months before finding your ad. Throughout our negotiations, including many emails, phone calls, and two visits to Destin I was impressed by your low key, direct, honest approach to all aspects of the transaction. I never had the feeling that you were trying to sell me anything; rather, in all our conversations you were informing me as best you could about everything involved in A36’s in general and 32B in particular. If anything, I would say that you undersold the airplane; I was pleasantly surprised the first time I saw it and now, six weeks and 30 flying hours into my ownership, 32B is delivering everything I’d hoped it would and more.

When a rigorous pre-buy was performed by a shop with a lot of Bonanza experience the usual quibbles and discrepancies were found. Again I was more than impressed by your response; some of what came up you fixed quickly and effectively, on other items you agreed to an adjustment in the price of the airplane so that I could get them taken care of near my home. Our discussion about the repairs was easy and collaborative; my strong sense was that you were as interested as I was in the airplane being delivered in prime condition.

Everything about the purchase was handled efficiently, without any pressure, and in a timely manner; you delivered everything you promised in a way that placed as few demands as possible on me as your customer. I would highly recommend that anybody interested in purchasing a Beech aircraft work with you and benefit from your knowledge and integrity.

Jay Greenberg, Ph.D.





Hi Darryl,

I just wanted to send you a note expressing my appreciation to you in finding my latest Bonanza. Your hard work in finding the right plane for me and your knowledge of the Beechcraft Bonanzas in utilization, performance and maintenance that you shared was second to none. I am including a short history of our quest for you to share with others and you may have anyone call me for references if you like.

I was in a 3.5 year partnership on a 1974 V35B and wanted to own a Bonanza on my own to upgrade to my personal preferences and set out on my own to find such a plane. I started looking for another V35B with a basic IFR GPS panel and I would upgrade the cosmetics as time went on. After weeks of looking at numerous websites in my spare time it became obvious that this was becoming a larger endeavor that was making my research confusing. It was very difficult to determine the REAL VALUE of each plane I was looking at because there were no two alike. I couldn’t find a V35B that I thought met my requirements so I started looking at F33s. That became the same problem…..,even if I had found one I was interested in, just thinking about the negotiation, due diligence, title search, inspections, cost of repairs and or upgrades was taking the fun out of the purchase.
I then called Darryl. After talking with him on the phone I knew I found the right person to make this purchase fun and less stressful. Darryl got right on the search for a V35 or F33 in not only all the websites and publications but also planes he knew of that were once on the market but were not listed anymore. We made a run at four different planes and for numerous reasons they did not meet our requirements or present valuations. It became apparent that there were no V35s or F33s on the market that were valued in today’s market.  Darryl asked me if I thought of a A36 and if I would be interested in researching the market for one. I had thought about a A36 but I had not flown one before and didn’t know the nuances of them but would entertain looking. We found a nice 1977 A36 in California and Darryl flew out and test flew the plane and inspected it along with the log books and sent me his findings with pictures and asked me to come out and see for myself. The plane had everything plus more that I was looking for and after Darryl’s valuating and negotiating skills the plane was mine.
If you are looking for a Beechcraft I highly recommend talking with Darryl first before you get frustrated. The value and peace of mind that he brings to the table far exceeds his fees. Darryl has become a friend and if I ever decide to do this again Darryl will be the first call I make.
Rick Ramsey, ATP
Katy, Texas


Hi Darryl,

I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you and let you know how extremely pleased I was with all of your assistance in helping me find and purchase an airplane that was right for me. If you want to include any of this on your website as yet another satisfied customer testimonial, please feel free to do so!


I realize I was not your typical client in that I had owned a couple airplanes in the past. Having made my decision to purchase a later model Bonanza A36, and after spending days and weeks of research on the available aircraft on the market I realized that I did not have the time or expertise to properly research, value and inspect the potential options. I found your website online, read your testimonials, and spoke to others who were very complimentary of your services. I knew upon our initial call that I had picked the right person when you were so forthcoming about the selection, valuation and inspection process you would follow. You took the time to understand my needs, discussed some of the aircraft on the market, and even called me the next day with the details on a plane that you knew to be for sale and fit my profile (although not officially listed on any of the mainstream sites). AND, you did all of this before I had signed your agreement!

Upon completing the paperwork, Darryl was in contact on a daily basis to discuss possible aircraft, the research he had done on them, where he thought they should be valued based on age, equipment, history, and recent sales values of like aircraft. We talked in depth about what I was looking for and Darryl provided tremendous insight and food for thought based on his many years of airline, general aviation, piloting, A&P, and Beechcraft experience. He is a wealth of information and spends the time with you to share as much of it as you can absorb.

After making reasonable, fact-based offers on a number of over-priced aircraft and passing on those, Darryl was able to negotiate a fair price on the aircraft I eventually purchased. This alone was worth Darryl’s very reasonable fee.


Once the contract was inked, Darryl handled almost everything else. He was able to get the aircraft moved closer to me at their cost. He worked out the pre-buy and we met at the FBO together with another IA/A&P. I stood and watched as they went through airplane with a fine tooth comb following the recommended and very thorough checklist from the ABS. After making a list of the squawks, Darryl negotiated the necessary repairs and adjustments with the Broker/seller and arranged for a follow-up inspection and flight test. Again, the value in this alone was worth Darryl’s fee.


Having completed a couple of test flights with Darryl, seeing his knowledge and expertise at work first hand, and after hearing the seller’s broker and ferry pilot speak to Darryl’s competence with the Bonanza’s I asked Darryl if he would do my initial checkout for insurance requirements and getting comfortable with a turbo-normalized A36. I spent 3 days flying around the Southeast with Darryl and could not have asked for a better experience. I had been out of flying for a few years and at first it was a bit like drinking from a fire hose but thanks to Darryl’s patience and his many years of airline and GA experience; I came away with confidence in the airplane, its systems and the excellent training.


Since completing the transaction and training, Darryl has followed up with me a number of times to check in, answer any additional questions and keep in touch which shows not only did I make the right decision on Darryl’s services and my plane, but I have a great new friend as well. Darryl offers an excellent value in his services, genuinely cares and I would highly recommend him to any new or previous aircraft owner looking for any model Beechcraft!

Darryl, again, a sincere thank you for all of your assistance!

Will Sprang

South Carolina





After many months of trying to set up a partnership to own a plane, I finally realized we would never come to an agreement on which plane and how much to spend.  I set out on my own.  I knew for many months that I wanted a Bonanza.  I was quickly referred to a large broker on the west coast.  It became clear that they were high on price and low on service.  I had come across Darryl’s webpage many months earlier and had read all the favorable comments; but I was reluctant to call because he was located in Florida.  I live in Reno, NV, and thought the large distance would be a problem and end up costing me more money.  I was wrong!


After my first conversation with Darryl, I knew I was on to something.  It was different than any conversation I had to date.  He was low pressure, asking me as many questions as I asked him.  He was intent on finding what my needs were.  Once the process started, Darryl was in daily contact with me.  The amount he knows about the available Bonanza’s on the market, countrywide, is incredible.  After a few weeks, we found the plane.  Darryl did all the initial negotiating with the owner and his broker.  Soon, Darryl was in the Denver area, flying the plane and doing a pre-buy inspection.  The day I was to fly out and check out the plane, I received a call from Darryl, saying there was a problem.  In 2008 the A36 had a gear up landing.  All was repaired well, except the engine tear down was not done by the book.  Darryl quickly identified this and was ready to walk away.  Somehow, Darryl worked magic and the owner agreed to pay for a complete engine tear down with new rings, valves, etc. 


Two months later, Darryl, I and my dad met in the Denver area and spent 2 days flying N36LF with its almost new engine.  While breaking in the engine, we flew a large loop around the southwestern states.  What a surprise to find out that Darryl was also one of the best teachers I have come across.  As a new IFR rated pilot, I had only a few minutes in IMC.  With Darryl’s calm demeanor, I accumulated many hours of IMC time and became very comfortable with my new bonanza.   DON’T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY TO SPEND A LEAST A DAY IN YOUR NEW PLANE WITH DARRYL.   IT IS THE BEST MONEY I HAVE SPENT TO DATE!


In short, you can’t go wrong with Darryl.  He will work incredibly hard to find the right plane for your budget and your mission.  Once the plane is found, look out.  He will work magic to get you the best deal and keep the costs as low as possible. 


Thanks Darryl,


I couldn’t be more pleased!  Feel free to call me 775-450-5778

Dr Randy Goode


Confusion set in. How were we to sort through the myriad of aircraft available and which one was right for us? We had owned an A36TC years ago….knew we wanted another Beech …but which one? To add to the difficulty we were looking at aircraft, on line, from our part time home in New Zealand. We are both pilots and we knew we needed help in finding the right Bonanza. We found Darryl through his ads in the Beech Society newsletter.



 Darryl made finding a plane very pleasant. He is meticulous to detail and very thorough in his search. He listens to what is important to you in an airplane and is in touch almost daily. We enjoyed Darryl’s relaxed professional conversations. He checks the prospective planes out thoroughly before negotiating an offer on your behalf. We personally believe that he will find you the best aircraft, suited to your requirements, at the best price. He knows the current market and what adds and deletes value from a Bonanza or Baron.


Once a price is negotiated he conducts a thorough pre purchase inspection. He had our S35 engine partially torn down to check a potential problem. After purchase Darryl flew us home and provided a wonderful few hours of training. Darryl is not only generous with his time but a very experienced pilot as well.


 We hope we see Darryl again and would love to do some more training with him. We would recommend him unconditionally to help you purchase your new Bonanza or Baron. Anyone that is considering using Darryl may contact us at


 Phil and Sheryl Jones

Nelson, New Zealand


Portland, Oregon



Thank you for you services in the purchase of my very wonderful A-36. I could not be happier with the plane that we choose to purchase. I am doing my instrument in it now and it is a wonderful platform for that. I also wanted to thank you for your personal trip to come up and fly with me and show me all the ins and outs of my A-36. Your services are more valuable than people could imagine and it would be my pleasure to recommend you to anyone considering your services. Thanks again and hope to fly with you again soon.

Rodney Pennebaker








Thank you so much for your help, patience, and candor in our search for my dream airplane!  For the sake of your website, I will word this as a testimonial.

After 2-3 years of looking at various makes/models of airplanes and narrowing down the field of potential candidates down to an A36 Bonanza, I knew that I needed unbiased help in finding and aircraft that would not only fit my parameters, but would not be someone’s else’s polished up problem.  Enter Darryl White.  After noticing his ad on the ABS website, I gave him a call and took advantage of his free initial consolation.  After that visit and looking through the testimonials on his website, I was confident this was the right direction to go.  However, before moving forward Darryl wanted me to contact a few of his previous clients to get a little better picture of how the buying process actually went.  I did that and my opinions on the matter were validated.  Darryl was the man I wanted to help me with this daunting process.

We got started right away€¦unfortunately, the A36 market was getting thin and Darryl was already aware of a few that we wanted to stay from.  Even though that process, Darryl was willing to educate me on the differences, pros, and cons in avionics, engine and flight management systems, maintenance, operating cost, etc.  We spent significant time on the phone even when nothing new showed up on the market that day.  When we did finally settle on N8003R, Darryl did all the heavy lifting from contacting the seller, visiting with mechanics, negotiating the price, setting up the purchase contract, everything except lending and insurance.  I am sure he could put you in touch with some quality folks there as well!  One thing on Darryl is negotiating. He negotiates from a position of strength.  He knows the ins and outs of Bonanzas, he knows the approximate costs of repairing many of these different systems, and he is very familiar with the market.

 Darryl went to Phoenix for the pre-buy, found a couple issues, re-negotiated the price, and had me board a plane to meet him down there, keeping me in the loop the entire time.  He picked me and my cousin (and fellow pilot) up at the airport, booked us rooms, and got us to the airplane the next day.  After an inspection and demo flight, I decided to go ahead with the purchase and within a couple hours we were on our way to Destin, Fl. Near Darryl’s home.  His instruction on the way there and one day after arrival was enough to satisfy the insurance requirements and he turned us loose for home in northern Minnesota.


In short, Darryl does what he says he will do, and he does it well.  His knowledge of the market is sound and current.  His knowledge of Bonanza/Baron is vast. His negotiating skills are strong and his instructional skills are patient and on point.  He does not waste your time or money, and in fact saves a buyer a lot of time and potentially even more money.  In addition, really, he is just a personable, great guy.

Rob Tollefson

Crookston, Mn



After taking early retirement from Delta Airlines this year I quickly realized that I couldn’t give up flying simply because I wasn’t doing it for a living anymore. So I made the decision to buy an airplane, and after giving it a fair amount of consideration I felt that the A36 would fit my needs.

I wasn’t really sure where to start my aircraft search, but I soon began browsing internet sites for an A36 Bonanza. During the search process I became more and more confused because I wasn’t really sure what to look for, and what to avoid. It was frustrating because I felt like I was going in circles. It became apparent that I needed help from someone with Beechcraft expertise. A quick internet search turned up the Beechcraft Buyers’ website, and as I started reading I was surprised to discover that the owner was Darryl White. I had flown as a First Officer with Darryl many times at the Airline and knew what a great guy he was, but as I explored his website I was very pleased to learn how qualified Darryl was to help me find the perfect airplane while potentially saving me from making a costly mistake.

After a phone call to Darryl in which we discussed his services and what I was looking for, I decided to hire him to represent me during the search and acquisition on my new A36. Darryl went to work immediately and soon found the perfect airplane. The asking price of the airplane was considerably higher than I wanted to spend, and for that reason I had never considered it during my internet searches. Darryl handled all of the negotiations, and he was able to get the owner to agree to a price that was within my budget.

Next Darryl requested copies of the logbooks so he could review them prior to us flying up to do the pre-buy inspection. During the logbook review Darryl discovered an AD on the engine cylinders. This particular airplane had a Continental IO-550B engine with Superior Air Parts cylinders which were subjected to an AD, and they were out of compliance so they needed to be replaced. Darryl was able to get the owner to compensate me for the costs to replace the cylinders saving me thousands of dollars!

I cannot tell you how valuable Darryl’s expertise and representation was to me during the entire process. Not only did Darryl find the perfect airplane, but he saved me money. If you are considering purchasing a Bonanza or Baron, I urge you to contact Darryl before you begin the process.

Dan Lusk

Little Rock, Arkansas.







Just wanted to let you know what a positive experience it was utilizing your to help me purchase an A36 Bonanza that met my requirements. I believe you had my best interest in mind as you worked on finding me the right aircraft with the right equipment at the right price. Purchasing this type of an aircraft is not only a large financial committment, but can also be full of potential problems that you were able bring to my attention so I could make an informed decision. With your knowledge as a lifetime pilot, A&P, Bonanza owner and flight instructor, you have the background and knowledge to assure the purchaser that they are purchasing an aircraft without unforeseen or unknown problems that would be very costly to correct after the contract was signed. Thank you for representing me during the entire purchase time frame and finding a Bonanza that will serve my needs for many years to come.

Thanks again,

Woody Yerxa



 I made the decision to buy a Beechcraft at Sun N Fun this year.  I spent the next several months staring at and  I was because I realized I didn’t know what questions to ask.  I watched a few airplanes sell and wondered if I had missed out.  They were all so far away and I didn’t have time to go look at them all.  I also realized that even if I were there in person I would not know how to tell if it was a good value or not. 

One of the Beech salesmen at Sun N Fun recommended that I join the American Bonanza Society.  That turned out to be very good advice.  I learned a lot more about these airplanes and got more comfortable with the idea of ownership.  I also ran across an advertisement by Darryl White and went to his web site at   I realized that I needed someone who was on my €œside€ in this buying process.  The services that Darryl offered looked good but he was about as far away from me as you can get in the continental USA (I live in Washington State and Darryl is in Florida).  So I went €œshopping€ for a broker closer to me. 

I found a couple of brokers who said they would help me but they were much more expensive and I wasn’t impressed with their level of involvement in the process.  I went back to Darryl’s web site and read all the testimonials about what happy buyers they were and how much they liked working with Darryl.  I finally called him.  He explained to me how the distance between us wasn’t much of an issue and that turned out to be completely accurate.  Darryl knows so much about these airplanes that just by looking at the web sites and calling brokers and mechanics he was able to narrow down our search substantially.  We decided on a plane that he would go out and look at.  Unfortunately the plane was misrepresented and wasn’t what I was looking for.   What Darryl did next I did not expect.  He encouraged the seller’s broker to refund Darryl’s travel expenses and the broker agreed!  Darryl did not have to do that.  I was prepared to pay for that trip and just chock it up to the cost of finding the right plane.  I found out later that Darryl sent that broker a case of wine to thank him.  I should have been the one sending the wine!! 

At this point I realized that not only did Darryl have the knowledge to help me but he also had the integrity I was looking for.  I also think the seller’s brokers gave him more respect than they would give to someone like me who was not likely to have another business interaction with them in the future.

I started to relax and let him work.  Sure enough, he found a really sweet bird that had almost everything I was looking for.  He helped me negotiate from a position of strength for a price I was happy to pay.  He then went to see the airplane (which turned out to be even better than we both thought).

Darryl uses a very good escrow company and they were great to work with.  They made sure I did everything I was supposed to and at the right time. I knew exactly what to expect when I flew out to meet Darryl and take my first look at my dream airplane. 

I had read that other customers liked the training they got while flying with Darryl.  I completely agree.  We had a beautiful 6 hour flight home that Friday in November.  Then Darryl did something else that completely surprised me.  He offered to stay for two extra days so we could get some more time together in the plane.  I could not fly the following day and he knew that so he offered to stay until Monday morning so we could fly on Sunday.  I was completely new to panel mount GPS so I needed some experience with the 530 and 430.  We flew instrument approaches and then he made sure I was competent to go in and out of my relatively short strip of 2700 feet (with trees on both ends).  By the time we were through flying on Sunday (10 hours total instruction between the two days) I was no longer afraid of the airplane and instead was seriously falling in love!

My wife doesn’t always understand the expenses that crop up associated with airplane ownership but on this we both heartily agree:  Darryl does not charge enough for his services!  If you can’t afford to pay Darryl’s fee then you are buying the wrong airplane.   I am confident that I have already recovered much more than I invested when I retained Darryl’s services.

I have always felt that if, in the process of a business transaction, you also gain a friend then it demonstrates that you feel you were not taken advantage of and you were treated with courtesy and respect.  This was one of those rare encounters.

If you are seriously considering the purchase (or sale) of a Beechcraft I can, without hesitation, highly recommend that you include Darryl as your €œagent extraordinaire€

Dale F. Lamberton, MD, FACC


 Unfortunately life is too short to be an expert at everything.  Thankfully, I had a enough sense to seek out someone like Darryl who knows more about Bonanza’s than I ever will, to help me buy my F33A.  I have a busy practice and knew that I couldn’t possibly devote the proper time that it would take to get a good, safe aircraft.  I came across Darryl’s website, and after reading all of the testimonials I was sold.  I figured that many people couldn’t possibly be wrong.  And my suspicions were that no sane person could have possibly made up that many detailed testimonials with pictures!

After speaking with Darryl a couple of times a day for about two weeks, we narrowed the field down to an aircraft in the Boston area.  Darryl flew up 1 1/2 days prior to inspect the plane.  During which, he went to great lengths to keep his travel expenses at a minimum.  With the assistance of the local FBO, he practically performed an annual on it and then called me and recommended that I come see it.  The next day I was a proud owner of a F33A!  Darryl gave me a good breakdown of the pros and cons of this plane, so I felt like I was making a well informed decision.  Darryl also handled the price negotiations, and in the end, I felt like I was paying an excellent price for the plane.

My insurance company required a minimum of 10 hours dual in the plane and 15 landings before I could solo in it.  This is were Darryl also provides a great service and value for his fee.  Darryl and I flew the plane back from Boston to Indiana together, giving me 5 hours of dual instruction on the first day!  We had planned on some more dual instruction time the following day, however, the weather did not cooperate and Darryl had to head home.  Before leaving though, Darryl using his aviation connections, put me contact with a great bonanza instructor to finish my training.  Also, using his contacts, he found a local mechanic to service my new plane and made contact with the mechanic to familiarize him a bit with the plane and what its condition was.

Darryl provided me with outstanding service that was full circle and as comprehensive as I could have asked for.  I have no doubt that he saved me a lot more money than I paid him for his services.  He is a good person and made the process of buying my first plane a lot of fun!  Thanks Darry!

Dr Adam Clock

Columbus, Ind


As a pilot for 35 years with 8,800 logged hours and the owner of 10 different aircraft in that time, I am somewhat familiar with the process of purchasing an aircraft.  When I decided to purchase a Bonanza I knew it would take some research on my part as none of my previous aircraft had been Beech products. I joined the ABS on recommendations from friends and began searching the web to see what was available. Beech produced a lot of Bonanza’s and that was obvious by the number that were for sale. There were probably 15 to 20 that met my criteria and the logistics of narrowing that down would take a great deal of time and effort. There would be calls to owners and brokers, price negotiations, logbook research, title search, finding competent mechanics to do  prebuy inspections, scheduling those inspections, arranging for delivery after the purchase. My solution was to contact Darryl White whose ad I had seen in the ABS magazine. That was the best decision of the whole process. On my first call to Darryl it was obvious that he not only knew the Beech products but was a professional at his trade  and a genuinely nice guy. Finding the right aircraft is not easy, it is work, but it can be enjoyable if you do it right. There will be excitement,surprises and frustrations along the way.

If you want the buying process of a Beech product to be enjoyable, I highly recommend you give Darryl a call. I think you will find that he will genuinely work his hardest to find you the right aircraft for your needs. He will do it enthusiastically and professionally and handle all the details mentioned above. Darryl helped me to find N6056Y a 79 V35B that not only met all my criteria but exceeded them in several aspects and at a price that was less than what I thought I would have to pay. There are a lot of brokers out there who are looking for the uninformed buyer. That won’t be you if you have Darryl on you side. The cost of his services will be the best investment you can make in a Beech.

John Isaacs


After deciding I wanted a Beechcraft because of size, comfort and speed, Ispent half a year looking at every airplane for sale on the internet for the

perfect plane. With very little Beechcraft knowledge, as time went by  the
more confused I became about what I was looking for and which model
/equipment  was right for me.

I stumbled across Darryl’s website ( one night, and
suddenly realized that there was hope for confused buyers like me. I called
Darryl the next day and quickly realized how knowledgeable he was and that
his service was exactly what I needed.

After a few conversations, we narrowed down which models/equipment would be
ideal for me. We talked daily and compared what was available on the market
that met my requirements. We decided on the “best value airplane”, and then
Darryl went to work negotiating the price utilizing his knowledge of the
market and models.

Darryl did a great job with the pre buy (so that I did not have any
surprises), and with my transition training. Darryl is a great guy and
aviator, and made the buying process a joy.

1965 S35 N5841K
Jim Brundage 330-421-4000
Medina, OH 44256









At 0530 one morning, my wife and two kids were boarding a 737 from Fort Lauderdale to New Orleans, en route to our hunting camp in Mississippi. I turned to her an said, we need our own plane. She said, get you license and see what happens. A year and a half later I had 180hrs w/instrument rating, it was time to buy a plane. I naturally turned to my brother for guidance, since he is a 747 captain w/ an A&P license. To my surprised he stated, I have no experience purchasing or pre buying air craft and recommended Darryl. The first time we spoke, I new Darryl was the right man for the job. Darryl identify and eliminated  potential air craft that fit my budget, if you want to call it that. Darryl handled negotiations  , paper work,and pre buy. In the end there was N109TY. What an airplane, all the people at the FBO at KFXE  love it. What else can be said, I have absolutely no buyers regret.

Thanks again

Matt Temkin



Hey Darryl

This is a letter to you, Darryl, my dear and lifelong friend, and to others that may be searching for their dream aircraft.

After being out of flying for over 20 years, I found that I could no longer look into the sky and see planes fly over, and not wishing I was in it. On one particular afternoon, my wife and I were enjoying a beautiful, clear blue day and a Bonanza flew over and looked at it until I could no longer hear or see it. My wife looked at me and said, “go ahead, and do it.” I didn’t have a clue how to begin a search for an airplane. First, I joined the ABS under a temporary membership and began reading, researching and viewing the internet. To tell how “green” I had become, I didn’t even know about After a few visits to the ABS, I found Darryl’s ad. I will remember the first call to Darryl forever. Darryl listened very carefully about my desire to get back into flying and my dreams of a Bonanza. He explained his service and expressed a genuine desire to help me search for a plane. It was obvious that Darryl had a genuine interest in my desire to find a plane and not just another “boy, do I have a deal for you” kind of guy. At first I thought the fee was a little high and even attempted to negotiate him down on a following call. Darryl spoke at length about his offered services and I soon made the decision that there was no way I could do it on my own, but just to confirm my decision, I called a couple of people that had made earlier comments on his website. They were Jack Pepper and Scott Gochnauer and those two calls sealed the deal for me. Thanks Jack and Scott!! Darryl methodically began his search for a 36 which meet our criteria. He searched Controller, Barnstormers, Trade A Plane and other sources and made suggestions for planes that would work. I probably had him look at 50 or more planes. Darryl would research, compare and critique EVERY single one of them with me. Darryl was always interested and patient with my questions. We all know how some people can be very condescending if they have more knowledge that you, but Darryl always listened and answered each question with great detail. Some planes had inferior major overhauls, total time was high, TBO was close, others were lacking in avionics, some had damage history that wasn’t listed, corrosion issues, ad’s and paint and interior issues. I wish I had kept a record of questions that I asked “it had to be hundreds !

After we narrowed our search down to our “top 4”, we traveled to California from Arkansas , but before doing so, Darryl advised us of the additional costs and if we really wanted to go and take a look at it. Well.. we traveled to CA and came back without a plane. I was in Darryl’s hip pocket during the entire pre-buy inspection. He poured over the airframe and engine logs, made certain all ads were completed, took every inspection cover off, swung the gear, checked compression, avionics, metal in the oil filter and bore scoped the motor. Darryl found rust in two cylinders during the bore scope and found that the alternator had never been overhauled, nor did the alternator have the clutch to protect the motor should the alternator siege. At that point we decided to pack up and go home. The return home was very disappointing, but Darryl reassured me that we would find “our plane”. We hadn’t even made to the airport and we were planning our next trip to PA to look at our next choice. Darryl urged that I stay home while he conducted the pre-buy, at which I agreed. Darryl attempted to save our resources at every opportunity. The pre-buy went well with just minor squawks. Darryl initially negotiated $15,000 off the asking price and then later got the seller to agree to complete the upcoming annual and address all our squawks. Darryl was on a roll now and got another $4,000 knocked off the price. Had I been operating on my own, I would have bought the first plane and quite possibly encounter engine problems due to rust and no telling when the alternator would have gone south on me.

We had almost 900 nm trip to get our 1985 A36 back home and every minute was full of training, expertise and knowledge from a very personable CFII, A/P, retired ATP who has + 5,000 hours in Bonanza’s and Baron’s. Darryl explained in great detail, every feature of the 4736M’s panel, including the KFC 150 autopilot, 530 WAAS and engine monitor and more.

I have read most of the other testimonials and agree with every comment made. Darryl White is THE best person on the planet to help you find your perfect plane, without buying more plane than you need and paying too much money it. There is absolutely no way that I could have chosen an aircraft on my own without making a serious mistakes. When I think back to the first plane that we looked at and wonder about the “what if’s”, I want to give Darryl a huge hug.

Thank you Darryl for being my friend and mentor. My wife and look forward to our many times together.

Anyone reading this testimonial is welcome to call me anytime, just as I did with Jack Pepper and Scott Gochnauer.

PS. Darryl, feel free to edit and correct and boo boobs that you may see.

William Ludwig

1404 Oliver

Stuttgart , AR 72160



Thank you so much for your help in our purchase of N4736M! It has been a real pleasure working with and getting to know you. I have learned more about A36’s in 2 months than I ever knew about our 182 in 8 years. We owe all of that to you.

I am extremely satisfied with 4736M. I have already flown about 6 hours since you left. We have received numerous compliments on it as well. Our mechanic, as well as other Bonanza owners, have been very impressed with her. I think we chose a wonderful airplane and we owe it all to you.

Thanks again for your advice, instruction, and friendship. Thanks also for the book. That knowledge will help us know how to not only fly but also care for our plane in a way that will keep it safe and sound for many hours.

Yours truly,
Kirk Coker

Stuttgart, AR



Thanks again for  all your hard work in helping purchase N998LS.  After the first time I spoke with you on the phone I knew you where the man for the job. Your advice and guidance from selection to pre buy to purchase was well worth your fee. Your help Working with Gann Aviation on the upgrades and the overhaul  exceeded all my expectations. Carlus and Ricks High quality work , professionalism and ability to complete the  major overhaul, avionics upgrade and annual right on schedule was great.  The transition training you provided was some of the best flight instruction I have ever received and I enjoyed the entire process.

Scott Gochnauer


1998  A-36       1-843-683-1422


When a buddy & I decided we wanted to buy an airplane together a few years ago, he wanted a Cessna 210 & because I’ve always loved the Bonanza, I wanted a A36. We looked for both, but a great Centurion caught our eye first. I flew that 210 for years; great airplane, the station wagon of the sky. It got us there with acceptable speed & a great useful load, but I always loved the Bonanza. After a few years of conflicting weekends I decided I wanted an airplane all to myself. I searched so many internet sites for a suitable Bonanza, A36’s, A36TC’s, B36TC’s, G36’s, that I became hopelessly confused, that’s when Darryl White came to the rescue. I met Darryl while I was inspecting an A36TC. That was a good airplane at a great price & Darryl was helping a friend move it. He explained to me the pluses & minuses of the turbocharged Bonanzas (traditional turbocharged & turbo-normalized), but he kept asking me, “Don, what’s your mission”? We live near Chattanooga Tennessee & our grown daughters live in New Orleans & Dallas. Those two destinations account for seventy-five percent of our trips. Darryl explained that unless I was flying into & out of high altitude airports frequently, that a turbocharged airplane only added increased operating cost & maintenance costs; and that unless my wife & our friends liked, “sucking on oxygen” a lot, that I would not enjoy the high altitude performance capabilities of a turbocharged airplane. Darryl guided me through the process of defining MY MISSION. He steered me towards an airplane that fit my budget & met 100% of my requirements. He told me, “You don’t need that” when I really did not need that & he encouraged me with “you need that”, when I really did need “that”.

At first my wife squawked at paying someone to find me an airplane; but, after becoming aware of Darryl’s “Zen” like knowledge of Bonanzas & seeing how hard he worked to find us exactly what we wanted (our mission airplane); how tirelessly he searched for airplanes, contacted sellers, reviewed log books & showed me how airplane “A” measured up to airplane “B”, even Karen saw that finding an airplane that we would be happy with was simply not possible without Darryl. I did not have the time or knowledge to fly all over the country to check out airplanes, nor did I have the depth of knowledge to know what to look for regarding capabilities, pluses & minuses of various Bonanzas, AD’s & historical problems with specific A36 production years. As we neared the completion of our search for our holy grail A36 my wife said, “Darryl doesn’t ask for enough for what he does”! She was right. He’s worth a lot more than he asks for. Darryl helps folks find their Bonanza because he has a passion for Bonanzas & people who fly them. He gets a great deal of satisfaction from knowing that he’s really helping people.

After a few months of searching all over the United States we had plans to go see an airplane in California. The Friday preceding our Wednesday departure to go do a pre-buy inspection Darryl called me & said, “I found your airplane”. “Darryl”, I said, “I thought you had already found my airplane & that we are going to California next week to get it”? “Yeah, I know; but I mean, I really found your airplane”! So, instead of flying to California, we flew to Florida in my Centurion, did a thorough pre-buy inspection on my dream Bonanza & closed the deal that same day. Darryl flew N354BC to Chattanooga & I followed in the 210. As we broke through the clouds over the western Florida Peninsula & leveled out we both looked to our right to watch the last launch of the space shuttle Discovery as it broke through the clouds & streaked into space. “Wow Darryl, how’d you arrange this”, I thought to myself. I then knew that this was my airplane & that without Darryl White that it would never have happened.

Thanks Darryl.

Don Chamberlain

Collegedale Tennessee (KFGU)


If you are looking at planes on the internet every night and not sure what you’re looking at, you need to call Darryl White.  If you are out looking at airplanes and not sure what you’re looking at, you need to call Darryl. If you are considering a specific plane and your pre-buy is not being done by a Beechcraft specialist, you need to call Darryl.  If you just can’t pull the trigger because you are not sure whether you’re getting in over your head, call Darryl, or you can call me and let me tell you about my experience and the two years I wasted looking at planes, until I called Darryl.  Then in just a few weeks I had the plane of my dreams, and a new friend!  I plan on keeping and enjoying them both for a long time.

Jay Olson


Dear Darryl,

Thank you once again for all your help in buying my Bonanza.  I knew when I first considered contacting you that the service you provide would be something that I certainly would need for such an investment.  What I didn’t appreciate at that time was just how much I would benefit from your experience and guidance.  Buying an aircraft of this pedigree is an overwhelming project, to say the least, and I couldn’t imagine doing it solo.  Your diligence in seeking to meet my expectations was admirable.  You taught me more than you may realize and it comes from your depth of knowledge and passion for Beech aircraft.  The pre-buy experience was very enjoyable, as I got to see things most buyers may never get a chance to see.  Carlus, Rick and the other folks at Gann Aviation were fantastic and made me feel right at home.  Your flight training was second to none, and again I befitted greatly in learning how to safely operate all the systems.  After all, how often do most us have a chance to train with such an accomplished professional!  By the time we were done, I was confident and ready to make the 800-mile flight home.  To anyone that may be considering your services, allow me to provide my highest recommendation.  Through this experience I not only found a valued mentor, but also a good friend.


Pete Harris


1982 Bonanza A36


Four years ago, I sold my 1980  Maule. I thought I would soon have another plane.  I was considering a Bonanza or a Mooney.  But until I contacted Darryl White, buying a plane went very slowly.  The four years of time was spent researching types, perusing all the sites on the internet, contacting brokers, looking at bulletin boards at airports, talking with A&Es, and avionics techs. My flying activity at the local flight school was minimal depending on whether a plane was available.

In this long process I read Brian Jacobson’s Purchasing and Evaluating Aircraft”¦Twice!  I recommend this book for anyone considering the same.  Aircraft purchase is a complex activity. I decided I needed to find a consultant.  Bonanzas had always been at the top of my list, so on a whim, I joined the ABS where I found Darryl White’s classified add.

Once we made contact my previously ponderous process of buying an airplane became amazingly fluid and quick.   We discussed my mission profile and what I was expecting to spend.  Since I’m 61, I wanted a plane I could sell if the time ever came when my health was no longer FAA medical worthy.  Many of the planes I had considered were expensive and also required considerable expense to refurbish.  My concern was that I would lose my medical and “lose my shirt” when the time came to sell. 

Darryl and I started looking at possible planes in the classifieds. He was already familiar with many of   them, and could discuss their virtues and sins objectively.  He found an S model Bonanza that fit my criteria in the Seattle area.  Darryl kept my goals in mind when he researched the plane and pointed out how it fit into my financial plan and how it fit my mission profile.  Although the paint is showing its age, it has a great motor, stellar, modern avionics, a solid airframe, a beautiful and comfortable interior.  It certainly doesn’t look like a 46 year-old airplane!  Its previous owner took loving care of it and supplied it all the necessary bells and whistles.

After considering reasonable offers and having the owner accept them, we employed an escrow agent to handle the money details and registration and title work.  Darryl preceded me to Seattle and completed a thorough pre buy inspection.  I followed and met him there.  We discussed what he had found and I examined the plane. I bought the plane.  Next day we flew 202J IFR over the Cascades to Idaho, Nebraska, and on into my home in Sioux Falls, SD. On the following day we did some more flight instruction and Darryl headed home to FLA.

I have to say the whole experience was a peak lifetime adventure.  I was actually sorry the aircraft purchase experience was over!  I even toyed with the idea of soon starting another aircraft purchase- Not because I need another plane, but because I enjoyed the process so much.  Each moment with Darryl ; I got to be a student in the best sense of the word.  I learned about the aircraft business and economics; I learned about the mechanics of my Bonanza; I learned about flying it; I learned about the world of experience and wisdom that Darryl gently brings to his clients- all with a sense of humor and quiet fun.

I’m looking forward to more peak experiences with my Bonanza and plan to spend more time learning from Darryl and extending our friendship.  If you are considering buying a used Beechcraft; contact Darryl White; you won’t be sorry.

Dr David Shields


Testimonial for Darryl White.

I found Darryl White on the ABS web site and called to ask about help in finding a Baron to purchase. It did not take long into our conversation to realize he would be a tremendous help in finding the right Baron at the right price.

However, my expectations were far exceeded. Darryl is a wealth of information and is extremely forthcoming and generous with that information in all areas of the purchase and all aspects of flying a Baron. He is passionate about insuring every client gets all the information necessary to make an informed decision and goes to extraordinary effort to search out aircraft that will meet your parameters. Once an aircraft is found, his combination of Beechcraft high flight time and an A&P insure the selected aircraft is more than just airworthy. He has colleagues that supplement and compliment his knowledge of avionics and maintenance so all aspects of the aircraft are inspected and evaluated to insure a comprehensive Pre-Buy inspection.

Although I have about 18,000 hours, I have not flown a Baron or other light aircraft in about 30 years. Darryl also holds a CFII which enabled me to obtain instruction right after the purchase of the aircraft. Again, his knowledge and instruction were superior and I can not thank him enough for all the effort he put forth to make this the most pleasurable purchase of any kind I have ever experienced. It was truly a “one stop” shopping experience.

If you are looking for a Beechcraft Baron or Bonanza, do not wait to call on Darryl. It is the best money you will ever spend. I look forward to flying again with him in the future.

Thanks Darryl.

John Cordova


American Airlines


Jack G. Peppard

712 Fairmont Drive

Tyler, Texas  75701





Dear Darryl,


     I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your help in selecting my new bird.  I knew I was probably not qualified to buy a complex Bonanza intelligently, but as it turned out, that was an understatement.  First, you assisted me in determining what I could expect for what I had to spend.  Then you narrowed down our choices.  Then you helped me feel comfortable with the decision to buy a V35B.

     Your patience truly guided me to the aircraft that fit my needs and was the best value.  Without your keen eye and knowledge, I would have probably bought the first aircraft we looked at.  Unfortunately, I would have spent another $15,000 within the first year to “top” an engine with an AD on the cylinders and considerable corrosion in the cylinders.  All I saw was good compressions, ouch, that would have been an expensive mistake.  Without your guidance, I certainly would have purchased the second aircraft, which had new paint, interior, great avionics and less than 200 hours on the engine.  An annual the month before showed the engine to be in good shape.  After you checked this engine out, we found that there was pitting of the lifters and wear on the camshaft due to corrosion from inactivity.  Well, if I had been in charge, I certainly would have purchased that aircraft and had the pleasure of a $40,000 overhaul within a couple of years, oops”¦

     You not only saved me the heartache of buying an aircraft with significant problems, but your negotiation of the final sales price was excellent ““ better than me (and I used to be in the car business).  So by my calculation, if you look at potential mistakes and lowered selling price, you saved me between 10 and 20 times your fee.  Of course, that doesn’t count the close friendship we now have.

    If I may be a reference on any potential new clients, be sure to have them contact me.

 A very happy V35B owner,

Jack G. Peppard



I had decided I wanted to buy a Bonanza and I also knew that the process of buying an airplane: 1) could be a very time consuming,  2) requires a great deal of technical expertise in order to minimize the risk of a poor purchase decision and 3) usually involves local aircraft brokers and mechanics that may not have the buyers interests in mind.

I have a pretty busy schedule and flying around the country to look at candidate planes was out of the question.  With the large number of Bonanza models and the plethora of avionics options in them, I knew that having very detailed product knowledge was crucial in being able to identify the right plane for my needs and flag any problems that might exist with the ones I was considering.  Finally, getting a pre-buy inspection done on short notice with trustworthy, reasonably priced mechanics in remote part of the United States, was not something I was interested in trying to pull off on my own.

Darryl White was the solution to all of my problems.  He helped me select, negotiate and purchase a great, well equipped plane that I believe turned out to be an exceptional value.  He kept me out of one plane that looked good on the surface, but had a number of issues which he identified in the pre-buy inspection.  The plane I bought was based in California and he arranged and managed all of the logistics of the pre-buy, advised me on the negotiations/final purchase decision and ultimately flew the plane I bought back to it new home base in New Jersey.

I had a great experience working with Darryl, and I truly believe he works hard for and in the best interests of his clients.

Steve Tighe

New York

Just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying my recent aircraft purchase. Having you with me on-site for the initial check out and to negotiate the price certainly got me the best plane at the right price! Thanks for keeping me from making an expensive mistake with my first choice. You can use me as a reference for potential customers anytime. Thanks again!

~ Tom Richardson


Thank you for assisting me in the purchase of my Bonanza. When I look back on the experience it is clear to me that I was in way over my head. Left to my own devices I am certain that I would have wound up with a “˜parts donor with a pretty paint job’. These machines are much more complex than they appear and what appears to be a real bargain is probably just an expensive project. Anyone who is in the market for one of these and doesn’t hire a professional like you is just setting themselves for a hit. It’s just that simple. Keep up the good work.

~ Steve Koontz

Mike and I got back from Phoenix today after doing the pre buy and watching some of the annual and all we can say is: wow. That is a very nice plane. I got a referral to shop in Chandler to do the pre-buy and I think they did a great job. They said they haven’t seen a plane of this vintage, in this nice of shape. The compressions were mid 70s. His mechanic was telling us that after Ken got his new paint on he plane, he wouldn’t let the mechanic work on it without wearing gloves. I thought he was kidding, but they both said it was true. He has a hand wash/polish that he cleans the plane with after each flight you can see your reflection in the glossy paint surface. The only issues we found are with the paperwork, and his mechanic should be finishing that up today or the next day. We still need to wait a couple weeks to see if we can get a clear title (from FDIC) before closing the deal. Thank you again for the help you have provided me with this plane!! She is a beauty. We are still trying to figure out the details on how to bring her back to Austin.

~ Blaine

If you are thinking about buying a beech bonanza, I strongly suggest that you contact Darryl white. The service he provides is by far the best value in aviation. His knowledge of and experience in aviation and specifically with bonanzas is invaluable. He worked non stop to locate several potential buys, then he gathered information from the current owners and mechanics. We flew together in his V35 to inspect one prospect.I really got to see how to look at an airplane. He is not just a tire kicker, he pulled every panel, check compressions, tested the gear and all avionics and found several undocumented repairs that would have gone unnoticed by the causal observer. He arranged for a thorough check of the logs and ad’s and for the use of a local mechanics shop for the inspection. He wisely recommended that I pass on that plane. The next plane, (located in Denver too far to fly for a one day out and back trip) he arranged for a thorough pre-buy that turned up cracks in the wing spars. He discussed this with the mechanic, the owner and me then recommended against the plane. He even got my money back for the inspection. The next day he found N60264 in Dallas and after a call to the owner and his mechanic, and after consulting me made an offer that was accepted. His brokering of the deal saved me at least $25000.00. I was a 70 hour pilot with my only time in a c172. He worked with the insurance company and agreed to be my instructor for the 50 hours of dual time (which was like a 50 hour BPPP course) they required before solo. I have since flown over 200 hours in N60264 and earned an instrument rating in her. I enjoyed every minute of it. I still check the used bonanza market and have not seen anything close to what Darryl found and arranged fore my purchase. After working with Darryl, I would never even think about buying a airplane without him.

~ Randy Buttram
Panama City, Fl

After searching on my own for over a year for a Bonanza, I noticed the Beechcraft Buyers add in the ABS magazine. I e-mailed Darryl White and was impressed with his immediate response. After discussing what I had in mind for an aircraft, and the price range, Darryl was right back to me the next day with five possible aircraft that were worth considering. Within a week we met out in the mid west to inspect the best of the possibilities Darryl had recommended. I initially thought the aircraft looked great, however, Darryl cautioned me “not to fall in the love with the airplane”. After a thorough inspection by Darryl, who has a remarkable knowledge of these Beech aircraft, he recommended we walk away due to a number of significant maintenance issues with the airplane.After returning home, Darryl was back in touch, encouraging me not to get discouraged. We began reviewing several other possibilities and Darryl found an airplane that looked great on paper. After he handled the price negotiations, we met again in the upper Midwest to inspect this Bonanza. It turned out to be a very well maintained, nicely equipped airplane and we closed the deal that same day. The following day, we had good weather, and again I found myself blessed to have Darryl, a retired 747-airline captain to fly the newly acquired Bonanza back with me to my home base in Massachusetts.I would highly recommend anyone considering the purchase of a Bonanza or Baron to contact Darryl White. Darryl made what was becoming a fruitless, frustrating search for a Bonanza into an enjoyable, educational experience. If I had not made the connection with Darryl, I am sure I would either still be looking or would have purchased a very expensive mistake.

~ Erik G. Haupt, II

I knew that I needed help in the search for my first Beechcraft Baron, having gone through the arduous process of purchasing an aircraft before. In the process of looking for a Baron I came across Darryl White’s ad for working as a buyer’s agent in the search for Beechcraft products. After contacting Darryl, I was impressed with his knowledge and understanding of the Baron and the current market for Beechcraft. I made the decision to retain him in my pursuit of a B58 Baron. He assisted me in my efforts with intense research of the field and frequent communications about the airplanes that would meet my criteria. We narrowed the field to four planes, ranked them in order of preference and price. Darryl started the negotiation: as we worked our way through the list, we were able to come back to one of our first choices, when the owner was finally convinced that the market had changed, and our offer was indeed reasonable for the current situation.

The contract was drawn up and finally agreed to by both parties. Because Darryl had some reservations about who was doing the pre-purchase, (which proved correct) the closing was delayed until the problems were satisfactorily resolved. The aircraft was purchased and my training with Darryl began.

I did not have a multi-engine rating, and my insurance company required me to have 50 hours of dual in the airplane before I could fly solo or with passengers. I had approximately 1000 hours as a private pilot and an instrument rating. I looked at my options: going to an aviation school for three days for a quick multi rating, and then finding an instructor for 50 hours of dual; or using the 50 hours of dual with an instructor to obtain my multi-engine rating in my own aircraft. The next problem was finding an instructor whom I trusted, who was current, qualified, (and available) with a minimum of 700 hours in a B58 Baron. I discussed this with Darryl, who filled the qualifications that my insurance company demanded. He agreed to be my instructor in N212PG for my Multi-Engine Instrument rating.

My satisfaction with the decision to retain Darryl White throughout the process of search, purchase, and training cannot be overstated. His experience from thousands of hours of military, commercial, and private flying, and his ability to instruct from that experience is awe- inspiring. The foundation of knowledge that I have gained from our association will stay with me for my entire flying career.

I wholeheartedly recommend Darryl White for anyone considering the purchase of a Beechcraft Baron or Bonanza, from the initial search for the aircraft, through negotiation and purchase, to subsequent individual instruction tailored to your requirements: it saved me time, money, and frustration.

Phil Ufkes
Hanahan, SC

Dear Darryl,

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your help finding N920GL. A
friend told me that everything in aviation costs twice what you expect and
four times what it should. Well, that’s certainly not true about your
service, which paid for itself several times over, and in more ways than
one. The only thing I don’t get about your business model is how and why you
charge so little for such a valuable service. Steering me away from the
wrong airplane(s) was your first and maybe most important contribution to
the search. Without your knowledge of the market and the airplanes, and the
emotional detachment you brought to the effort, I may very well have done
something that I would now be regretting. When the right airplane came
along, your coaching made me a more effective bargainer and undoubtedly
saved me multiples of your fee. But I think the bigger rewards are
intangible. Having had a chance to fly around in your V35 and A36, I feel
more confident that the A36 was the right plane for me. Having had a
critical look at a couple of planes with you, I feel much more confident
that I wound up with a solid airplane at a fair price. And having had the
opportunity to learn about flying the plane with you, I feel more confident
that I can handle the airplane safely. All of that adds up to a lot of peace
of mind – impossible to quantify, but a very big deal for this first-time
plane buyer. On top of all this, it was genuinely fun roaming around the
country looking at airplanes with you, and now you feel more like a friend
than a consultant. If I ever have reason to switch airplanes, I hope you’ll
still be offering advice, and I would highly recommend you to anyone in the
market to buy a Bonanza.

Michael Gavin




My fascination with Bonanzas began at age 16 when I was fortunate enough to fly several times in a G model flown by the father of a high school friend.  Those flights convinced me I had to learn to fly.  I did so and subsequently spent 36 years in a variety of aviation related jobs.  During all those years I never lost sight of my goal to one day own a V-Tail.  I researched and read a ton of material but it became evident there was a lot more I didn’t know about the Bonanza than I did know.  That’s when I made a very wise decision to hire Darryl to guide me through the purchase process and train me in the airplane.  Not only is Darryl an expert on Bonanzas, he is also very personable, dedicated to task, and a straight shooter.  He warned me the process could be daunting and at times, it was.  We researched numerous possibilities, narrowed our list, and flew in Darryl’s V35A to look at several aircraft.  The first trip ended with rejecting all we saw for a variety of reasons; reasons I would not have know about had I been looking on my own.  We modified our search parameters and pressed on, eventually finding a very well maintained and equipped V35A.  Darryl’s thorough inspection of the aircraft and its logs was most impressive and very reassuring.  Granted, I was not overly impressed with its paint scheme but Darryl assured me it was only a minor issue and it could be dealt with at a later date.  I had peace of mind in knowing Darryl would not only find me a good airplane, but he would also help me with the price negotiation, the money transfer, the considerable paperwork, the insurance, and the flight instruction.  I am convinced that without Darryl’s expert help I would most likely have purchased an aircraft based too much on its looks and not enough on its more important credentials.  The fee I paid Darryl was definitely money very well spent.   I highly recommend his services for anyone looking to purchase a Bonanza or Baron.  Thanks again Darryl for a job well done.

Dave Wingert



You may use us as a testimonial anytime:  it was a pleasure working with you. Your knowledge of the market, and ability to look at numerous airplanes on the market, and then to help me to decide which would fit my needs and budget best, was extremely helpful. Your knowledge of the Bonanza became increasingly evident through the preinspection process, and was very reassuring during the purchase process.  I know that I have a good solid airplane and she was bought for a fair price.

Once again thanks for your service.  Purchasing this airplane would not have been this easy, or this successful without your help.

Hope to see you when we fly south (next year most likely) Take Care

Dave Dermyer

Onsted , Mi


After considering brokers to represent me as a buyer’s agent, I quickly
realized interest were not well aligned. Darryl, on the other hand, is
squarely in your corner and will leverage his vast Beech experience in
your favor. His approach is very methodical, professional, and produces
quick results.

Darryl found an aircraft which was no longer listed, but available for
sale. Darryl challenged my assumptions and made sure I was fully aware
of the costs involved post acquisition for a more accurate, total cost
of ownership approach. Post pre-buy and acquisition, he spent
considerable time training me on the flight back home in my new-to-me

Unless you grew up on the Beech factory floor, you would be foolish not
to involve Darryl. I would not be surprised if on average he returns his
modest fee 20 to 1. I know he did for my acquisition.

Alexis Stobbe

Oxford, Ms




Hello Darryl,


I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate your involvement in helping me find the A36 that was right for me. I had decided on a price range and began looking. There were no less than 25 planes on the market that fit the price category. After sitting down, printing ads, making notes, making phone calls, discussing with local friends and mechanics,  I was as far as picking a plane as could be. When I saw your ad in the ABS magazine, I was a little concerned that your fee was a little steep. After about 15 minutes into our first conversation, I immediately changed my thought on your fees. As is turned out, you saved me many times over what you charge. Right off the bat, you narrowed the entire field down to 3 – 4 planes. You informed me exactly what should be paid for each plane. After we decided on N29TC, you were extremely instrumental in the prebuy to identify anything that would have been a deal killer. Also, the few things that were not 100%, allowed me to knock an additional $5,000 off the price.  Your knowledge of airframes, engines, accessories, avionics, and everything else about Bonanzas turned out to be invaluable in helping me with my decision. Your continued friendship after the purchase is priceless in helping me with upgrade to my new purchase and also with selling my ’68 E-33. I would be honored to be used as a reference for your services if anyone is undecided whether or not to use you as a buying agent. I look forward to our ongoing friendship and hope to see you at the beach this summer. Thanks Again.


Raymond Regard




Purchasing a pre-owned aircraft, especially one as complex as a Beechcraft, without professional help is as fraught with danger as being unqualified and venturing into IMC without a CFII in the right seat. I am very grateful that Darryl was my mentor in the right seat for this adventure. I had no idea how much I didn’t know and would have been hopelessly lost during the process especially when the 2 suitcases of aircraft records were presented at the pre buy inspection. Darryl also test flew the plane, inspected every part, arranged for an annual, negotiated a great price and gave excellent instruction during the delivery. He handled all with a calm grace that reflects his demeanor and his impressive professional background (as revealed in his informative website). As a result, I have an exciting safe Bonanza and am a enlightened buyer and a better pilot for having worked with Darryl. I enjoyed the experience and could not more highly recommend him. Thank you Darryl.


Bob Warren



I would recommend wholeheartedly anyone who is serious about buying or selling a Beech aircraft to use Darryl Whites services. Darryl was instrumental in not only helping me to find the plane to match my mission, but also to glean through the thousands of planes available to narrow my search down. Then his expertise in the pre-buy inspection as well as al the paperwork details really added benefit. Darryl White saved me in both time and money three times the fee charged for his services. Thank you so much for your help. I would be happy to talk to anyone considering the use of your services!  Hank Landsgaard DO proud new owner 777YF.