Our Story

Beechcraft Buyers was established to help other pilots who love Beech aircraft to find what they want and avoid costly mistakes. We can help you narrow the scope of your search for the right plane, research the current market, and evaluate specific planes for safety and value. Whether you are a first-time buyer, or you don’t have the time to research the market, we can save money and time for you.

Beechcraft Buyers was created as an expansion of the already successful Beechcraft Buyers company founded by Darryl White.  His resume spans 30 years of aviation experience both as a pilot and aircraft mechanic, owning, selling, purchasing, and working on Beechcraft products.  From this Darryl has been highly successful in providing the right mix of professionalism, and personal attention and ensuring you are taken care of no matter who you are working with within the network.

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The Team

Darryl White

BA in Aviation Management Auburn University 1969
Flight instructor at Auburn University 1966-1969
USAF officer in pilot training 1969-1970
USAF active duty flying C-130E 1970-1972
Pilot with the Mississippi ANG 1972-1979
Commercial airline pilot from 1972 until retirement 2006
Instructor in light aircraft from 1966 to the present
Over 5000 hours in Bonanza’s and Baron’s
License and ratings:
– ATP, commercial single engine land
– A/P
Typed in CV-340, CV-580, DC-9, DC-10, A-320, 747-400
Beechcraft owner of numerous planes for 30 years
Repaired and maintained Beech products for 30 years.

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