Thank you once again for all your help in buying my Bonanza. I knew when I first considered contacting you that the service you provide would be something that I certainly would need for such an investment. What I didn’t appreciate at that time was just how much I would benefit from your experience and guidance. Buying an aircraft of this pedigree is an overwhelming project, to say the least, and I couldn’t imagine doing it solo. Your diligence in seeking to meet my expectations was admirable. You taught me more than you may realize and it comes from your depth of knowledge and passion for Beech aircraft. The pre-buy experience was very enjoyable, as I got to see things most buyers may never get a chance to see. Carlus, Rick and the other folks at Gann Aviation were fantastic and made me feel right at home. Your flight training was second to none, and again I benefited greatly in learning how to safely operate all the systems. After all, how often do most us have a chance to train with such an accomplished professional! By the time we were done, I was confident and ready to make the 800-mile flight home. To anyone that may be considering your services, allow me to provide my highest recommendation. Through this experience I not only found a valued mentor, but also a good friend.

Pete Harris / 1982 Bonanza A36

Four years ago, I sold my 1980 Maule. I thought I would soon have another plane. I was considering a Bonanza or a Mooney. But until I contacted Darryl White, buying a plane went very slowly. The four years of time was spent researching types, perusing all the sites on the internet, contacting brokers, looking at bulletin boards at airports, talking with A&Es, and avionics techs. My flying activity at the local flight school was minimal depending on whether a plane was available.

In this long process I read Brian Jacobson’s Purchasing and Evaluating Aircraft”, Twice! I recommend this book for anyone considering the same. Aircraft purchase is a complex activity. I decided I needed to find a consultant. Bonanzas had always been at the top of my list, so on a whim, I joined the ABS where I found Darryl White’s classified add.

Once we made contact my previously ponderous process of buying an airplane became amazingly fluid and quick. We discussed my mission profile and what I was expecting to spend. Since I’m 61, I wanted a plane I could sell if the time ever came when my health was no longer FAA medical worthy. Many of the planes I had considered were expensive and also required considerable expense to refurbish. My concern was that I would lose my medical and “lose my shirt” when the time came to sell.

Darryl and I started looking at possible planes in the classifieds. He was already familiar with many of them, and could discuss their virtues and sins objectively. He found an S model Bonanza that fit my criteria in the Seattle area. Darryl kept my goals in mind when he researched the plane and pointed out how it fit into my financial plan and how it fit my mission profile. Although the paint is showing its age, it has a great motor, stellar, modern avionics, a solid airframe, a beautiful and comfortable interior. It certainly doesn’t look like a 46 year-old airplane! Its previous owner took loving care of it and supplied it all the necessary bells and whistles.

After considering reasonable offers and having the owner accept them, we employed an escrow agent to handle the money details and registration and title work. Darryl preceded me to Seattle and completed a thorough pre buy inspection. I followed and met him there. We discussed what he had found and I examined the plane. I bought the plane. Next day we flew 202J IFR over the Cascades to Idaho, Nebraska, and on into my home in Sioux Falls, SD. On the following day we did some more flight instruction and Darryl headed home to FLA.

I have to say the whole experience was a peak lifetime adventure. I was actually sorry the aircraft purchase experience was over! I even toyed with the idea of soon starting another aircraft purchase- Not because I need another plane, but because I enjoyed the process so much. Each moment with Darryl ; I got to be a student in the best sense of the word. I learned about the aircraft business and economics; I learned about the mechanics of my Bonanza; I learned about flying it; I learned about the world of experience and wisdom that Darryl gently brings to his clients- all with a sense of humor and quiet fun.

I’m looking forward to more peak experiences with my Bonanza and plan to spend more time learning from Darryl and extending our friendship. If you are considering buying a used Beechcraft; contact Darryl White; you won’t be sorry.

Dr. David Shields / V35 Bonanza

I had decided I wanted to buy a Bonanza and I also knew that the process of buying an airplane: 1) could be a very time consuming, 2) requires a great deal of technical expertise in order to minimize the risk of a poor purchase decision and 3) usually involves local aircraft brokers and mechanics that may not have the buyers interests in mind.

I have a pretty busy schedule and flying around the country to look at candidate planes was out of the question. With the large number of Bonanza models and the plethora of avionics options in them, I knew that having very detailed product knowledge was crucial in being able to identify the right plane for my needs and flag any problems that might exist with the ones I was considering. Finally, getting a pre-buy inspection done on short notice with trustworthy, reasonably priced mechanics in remote part of the United States, was not something I was interested in trying to pull off on my own.

Darryl White was the solution to all of my problems. He helped me select, negotiate and purchase a great, well equipped plane that I believe turned out to be an exceptional value. He kept me out of one plane that looked good on the surface, but had a number of issues which he identified in the pre-buy inspection. The plane I bought was based in California and he arranged and managed all of the logistics of the pre-buy, advised me on the negotiations/final purchase decision and ultimately flew the plane I bought back to it new home base in New Jersey.

I had a great experience working with Darryl, and I truly believe he works hard for and in the best interests of his clients.

Steve Tighe / Bonanza

If you are looking to purchase a Beechcraft Bonanza, the very first call you should make is to Darryl White.  I started considering purchasing a Bonanza toward the end of 2017 and was very fortunate to stumble upon Darryl’s website (  After calling Darryl and talking for just a few minutes, it was obvious that Darryl had a wealth of knowledge on Bonanza’s and his fixed fee pricing for his services ensured that his only goal was to help you get the plane that best fits your needs.  With me being new to aviation, Darryl’s first job was to help me narrow down what I was “really” looking for and we settled on a G36 in the 2006-2010 year range. Toward the end of 2017, beginning of 2018, there were less than 15 G36 Bonanza’s for sale in the U.S. and none of them were what I was looking for.  Darryl spent several weeks researching and calling Bonanza owners and found a gentleman in Orlando, FL that was considering selling his Bonanza. After a couple of calls between Darryl and the plane’s owner, they settled on a fair selling price, and I purchased a low time 2008 G36 Bonanza. That was just the start of the value that Darryl adds.  Darryl then worked to ensure a smooth purchase transaction which included a very thorough pre-purchase inspection. During the pre-purchase inspection, a couple of issues were discovered and Darryl helped negotiate an agreement between myself and the seller to salvage the sale while making both parties feel like we were both getting a fair deal. The seller commented about how the inspection was the most thorough he had ever seen and even commented to me that he would use Darryl’s services when he decided to purchase another plane.  Darryl followed up the purchase of the plane by helping me to coordinate getting the cylinders re-built, providing several hours of training on the plane, and even helping me with pricing on some future additions I wanted to do to the plane.

I can honestly say that Darryl’s fee for his services is one of the best bargains you will ever get.  You will find that Darryl is very easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable and professional, very attentive to details, and just a nice guy.  I am a completely satisfied customer, offer my highest recommendation of Darryl and his services, and am proud to consider Darryl a good friend now.

Jeff Greggory / G36 Bonanza

 found Darryl White on the ABS web site and called to ask about help in finding a Baron to purchase. It did not take long into our conversation to realize he would be a tremendous help in finding the right Baron at the right price.

However, my expectations were far exceeded. Darryl is a wealth of information and is extremely forthcoming and generous with that information in all areas of the purchase and all aspects of flying a Baron. He is passionate about insuring every client gets all the information necessary to make an informed decision and goes to extraordinary effort to search out aircraft that will meet your parameters. Once an aircraft is found, his combination of Beechcraft high flight time and an A&P ensure the selected aircraft is more than just airworthy. He has colleagues that supplement and complement his knowledge of avionics and maintenance so all aspects of the aircraft are inspected and evaluated to ensure a comprehensive Pre-Buy inspection.

Although I have about 18,000 hours, I have not flown a Baron or other light aircraft in about 30 years. Darryl also holds a CFII which enabled me to obtain instruction right after the purchase of the aircraft. Again, his knowledge and instruction were superior and I can not thank him enough for all the effort he put forth to make this the most pleasurable purchase of any kind I have ever experienced. It was truly a “one-stop” shopping experience.

If you are looking for a Beechcraft Baron or Bonanza, do not wait to call on Darryl. It is the best money you will ever spend. I look forward to flying again with him in the future.

Thanks Darryl.

John Cordova / Captain AA

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your help finding N920GL. A friend told me that everything in aviation costs twice what you expect and four times what it should. Well, that’s certainly not true about your service, which paid for itself several times over, and in more ways than one. The only thing I don’t get about your business model is how and why you charge so little for such a valuable service. Steering me away from the wrong airplane(s) was your first and maybe most important contribution to the search. Without your knowledge of the market and the airplanes, and the emotional detachment you brought to the effort, I may very well have done something that I would now be regretting. When the right airplane came along, your coaching made me a more effective bargainer and undoubtedly saved me multiples of your fee. But I think the bigger rewards are intangible. Having had a chance to fly around in your V35 and A36, I feel more confident that the A36 was the right plane for me. Having had a critical look at a couple of planes with you, I feel much more confident that I wound up with a solid airplane at a fair price. And having had the opportunity to learn about flying the plane with you, I feel more confident
that I can handle the airplane safely. All of that adds up to a lot of peace of mind – impossible to quantify, but a very big deal for this first-time plane buyer. On top of all this, it was genuinely fun roaming around the country looking at airplanes with you, and now you feel more like a friend than a consultant. If I ever have reason to switch airplanes, I hope you’ll still be offering advice, and I would highly recommend you to anyone in the market to buy a Bonanza.

Michael Gavin / A36 Bonanza

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate your involvement in helping me find the A36 that was right for me. I had decided on a price range and began looking. There were no less than 25 planes on the market that fit the price category. After sitting down, printing ads, making notes, making phone calls, discussing with local friends and mechanics, I was as far as picking a plane as could be. When I saw your ad in the ABS magazine, I was a little concerned that your fee was a little steep. After about 15 minutes into our first conversation, I immediately changed my thought on your fees. As is turned out, you saved me many times over what you charge. Right off the bat, you narrowed the entire field down to 3 – 4 planes. You informed me exactly what should be paid for each plane. After we decided on N29TC, you were extremely instrumental in the prebuy to identify anything that would have been a deal killer. Also, the few things that were not 100%, allowed me to knock an additional $5,000 off the price. Your knowledge of airframes, engines, accessories, avionics, and everything else about Bonanzas turned out to be invaluable in helping me with my decision. Your continued friendship after the purchase is priceless in helping me with upgrade to my new purchase and also with selling my ’68 E-33. I would be honored to be used as a reference for your services if anyone is undecided whether or not to use you as a buying agent. I look forward to our ongoing friendship and hope to see you at the beach this summer. Thanks Again.

Raymond Regard / Beechcraft Baron